Creator Camp


Our soccer Creator Camp is designed for youth aged 6-12. We convene youth of all types to create their own soccer camp. Central to the approach of the camp is that youth are active learners who are continuously building and testing ideas, beliefs, and attitudes about themselves and the world around them. Our soccer Creator Camps are offered throughout the summer. They are Monday-Friday from 9:00am-12:00noon.


These playful days benefit youth in the areas of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Youth create their own meaning. Youth actively learn through a thinking relationship between persons, ideas, and the environment. In a continuous process youth raise questions and create meaning in an interplay with the surrounding world.

The space and materials in a Creator Camp setting are carefully organized to promote active learning. The area is filled with soccer equipment and materials. The equipment and materials can be moved, carried, piled up, taken apart and used however the youth choose.

The Creator Camp is organized by the youth. It is determined by the dialogue between youth and coaches. Youth propose ideas for play and learn through experimentation.

Coaches work together with the youth to guide the activities and the equipment needed of a camp. Coaches follow the interests of the youth while they mentor, engage, provoke, and stimulate youth to think about the playing environment and collaborating with peers.

Youth develop leadership skills, collaborate with peers, build social connections, gain confidence, have fun, stay active, and create fulfilling experiences.

Join the fun!