Explorer Experience


Our soccer Explorer Experience is designed for youth aged 3-5. We provide a fun, interactive, and engaging soccer matchday experience. The soccer Explorer Experience is four weeks long and meets one day per week for 60 minutes.


These playful days benefit youth in the areas of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Youth are encouraged to make choices about materials and activities as they pursue their personal interests and goals. They explore, ask questions, solve problems and interact with teammates and coaches. Youth naturally engage in experiences that develop age appropriate skills and abilities.

The space and materials in an Explorer Experience setting are rearranged in appealing corners or areas that promote active learning. The content of an area is continuously updated with new materials and different kinds of play that reflect the soccer environment. For example, a space might include separate areas for toys, books, role play, etc. In each area materials are organized so youth can get them out easily and put them away independently.

The Explorer Experience is youth-initiated active play. It is a form of play that is led by the youths interest and curiosity. Active play varies every time based on youths individual needs, inspiration, and exploration. Youth learn best through self-directed active play and when they are provided a good length of time to explore, express their creativity, and unfold their imagination.

Coaches are teammates alongside the children. While play is led by the youth, the coach supports the youth by encouraging them to try new things. Coaches also mentor, engage, provoke, and stimulate youth to think about the playing environment and collaborating with peers.

Youth increase their physical literacy skills, show care and concern for others, improve language and communication skills, problem solve, focus, cooperate, exhibit fewer challenging behaviors, and gain more fun, fulfilling experiences.

Join the fun!