Imaginer Workshop


Our soccer Imaginer Workshop is designed for youth aged 13-17 years old. Youth actively learn about their soccer experiences and connect them to other life experiences. Through enriched dialogue with others youth build their knowledge and identity. They strengthen their self-awareness, their capacity to think, and their interpretation of reality. The workshop meets two times per month for 60 minutes each time.


These adventurous days benefit youth in the areas of cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Youth actively learn through a voyage of discovery. They learn through reflection with others and self reflection. They are encouraged through collaboration with coaches and one another to investigate their understandings of their experiences.

The Imaginer Workshop setting is a roundtable discussion. The coach and youth sit around a table and talk about soccer, current concerns, and opportunities. The content is based on the particular interests of the youth.

The Imaginer Workshop is an organic process of learning. Youth collaborate and are encouraged to dialogue, critique, compare, imagine, and problem solve through group work.

Coaches facilitate learning. They are learners alongside the youth. They observe, interpret, and intervene. They mentor, stimulate, engage, and provoke youth to think critically.

Youth learn to consider others as part of their identity, they develop empathy, they value divergent ways of thinking, they increase the amount and range of dialogue, they express themselves, and they have fun and fulfilling experiences.

Join the fun!